Stay Healthy This Winter

Stay healthy this winter with fresh, organic food from Green Ridge Acres.



Featured Items:

We have raw goat milk available in pints, quarts, half gallons and gallons. Learn more about the benefits of raw milk.

Kombucha is a great winter probiotic You can find it at our Broad Street Market stand in a variety of flavors. Get it pre-bottled or straight from the tap in quart or half gallon glass refundable bottles.

Fiber Balls

Fiber Balls

We continue to bring in fresh root crops including potatoes and four different varieties of radishes.

Looking for a snack? Try our own homemade fiber balls - a snack with a great source of fiber.



Lumi Juice

Lumi Juice is a fresh, natural way to help you get the vitamins you need. Lumi cold presses pounds of organic produce into every juice and uses High Pressure Processing to ensure the highest level of nutrition and flavor retention. The lack of pasteurization preserves the natural vitamins in the juice. Lumi Juice is available in a large variety of flavors. Stop by our stand today!

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