Why Pasture Raised Turkeys?

Hello Friends,


With Thanksgiving rapidly approaching, you may wonder...should I order a pastured-raised turkey this year? Below we've listed just a few common sense reasons for choosing to serve a pasture raised bird.

Turkeys raised on the pasture have many benefits few of their friends never have...

  • They can breathe fresh air, because they are not crowded in a coop with several hundred other turkeys, breathing in strong ammonia from the waste of others, and not having nearly enough carbon to absorb the massive amount of fecal matter.

  • They can soak up the sunshine, forage on grass and lounge around at their leisure.

  • Enjoy a diet made up of about 70% grass...the balance consisting of non-GMO, non medicated, chemical free corn, soy, oats, fishmeal, and poultry nutribalancer.

  • Raised and processed humanely by hand.

Many customers come back after purchasing their Thanksgiving turkey from Green Ridge Acres and tell us it was the best turkey they ever had - more moist and flavorful. Order yours today by stopping in at our Broad Street Market stand in Harrisburg or by contacting us.

Don’t fret if you have Thanksgiving leftovers. Did you know that turkey is also a tremendous food for winter? It’s a great source of protein and has a remarkably low calorie level. You can make a delicious turkey dish, turkey soup, turkey sandwich on hearty whole-grain bread, as well as eat turkey all on it’s own.

Jared NoltComment