Raw and Organic Milk

For the healthiest dairy products, you should insist on 100% grass-fed animals. Unfortunately, purchasing Certified Organic milk does not guarantee that the animals were raised solely on pasture. Some organic milk companies milk thousands of cows in confinement conditions. But because the animals receive feed from Certified Organic crops, the milk can be called Certified Organic. So use discretion when purchasing organic dairy products and be sure that the you know the source farm is reputable (such as Green Ridge Acres).


Raw and Organic Cheese

Dairy products with the highest CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) content comes from spring and early summer pastures. Seasonal changes in the pasture subtly affect the flavor of the products. Like wine, cheeses reflect the terroir, or “taste of the land”. The highest CLA content in dairy products comes from the milk of cows (that produce high butterfat milk) grazing in lush green pastures. The best flavored cheeses are made from raw milk which must be aged for at least 60 days before sale. Keep in mind that the majority of the sanitation benefit of cheese aging occurs in the first few days.