At our Broad Street Market stands we carry many healthful, organic products. As we are always looking to offer our customers healthy eating choices, we welcome your input and suggestions.


Kombucha, Lacto-fermented Veggies, Bone Broth and Nut Butters!

We've been promoting the health benefits of probiotics long before it became "fashionable", as we genuinely believe that food is medicine. We have the only two-flavor kombucha tap in Harrisburg, available in refillable glass containers, as well as in bottles.

Lacto-fermented vegetables have been long touted as a healthy digestive additive, especially when included with protein rich meals. We carry both organic sauerkraut and kimchee in several flavors at our farm stand.

Organic Bone Broth is a fast-becoming a legitimate dietary supplement which can benefit skin, hair, bone and stomach health. We make our own organic bone broth made from organically raised animals. It's available in quarts and pints at our farm stand.

If you've never had freshly made Nut Butters, you're truly missing out. Better for you than store bought, Green Ridge Bulk Foods grinds their own nut butters on site! In addition to organic and non-organic peanut butter, we also grind other delicious healthy nut varieties. You'll never eat store bought nut butters again! Stop by and try them—FREE samples are always available.


Prepared Foods at Green Ridge Acres

At our Broad Street Market farm stand in Harrisburg, we offer a variety of freshly prepared foods that change weekly—including homemade soups and hot sandwiches, as well as organic green salads (with and without organic raw cheese), pickled eggs, refrigerator pickles and chilled dessert fruit salads (in season). ALL ORGANIC—ALWAYS, is our promise to you. Also be sure to check out our own small batch ice cream hand produced with organic milk and locally grown organic fruits.