In addition to what we grow on our own farm in Gordonville, Lancaster County, we always source produce locally (within 50 miles), from organic grower cooperatives. When not in season locally, we will source organic produce outside the area, but the integrity of the growers is always the same.


Organic Produce

Green Ridge grows healthy, nutrient dense produce under strict organic guidelines. We are committed to learning as much as possible about the microbes, minerals and organic matter that makes up our soil, in effort to be the best possibles stewards of the land that we can be. The result is a wonderful assortment of locally grown, organic standard, seasonal produce available to you year round. Visit our Broad Street Market farm stand weekly to see what Green Ridge has grown for you.

You’ll love the taste of produce that is picked, vine-ripened and available at our farm stand within days, instead of weeks.  Additionally, you can rest assured that the dollars you spend are supporting commerce in our local community, not some corporate giant. This keeps local, neighboring farmers working for you—growing the organic, nutritious produce you can enjoy consistently throughout the year.